Grossed Out! The Unlikely Death of Networking

Ask anyone in business where they get their best customers and somewhere in the first few sentences you’ll hear “word of mouth”. Ask anyone, anywhere how they found their favorite restaurant and it will likely be by referral. Even our best friends are often the result of meeting through others.   What you’ve just witnessed […]

Business Networking

Holding Sign

Guerrilla or Jackass?

Guerrilla or Jackass? Everything is marketing and marketing is everything. And if you subscribe to the theory of Guerrilla Marketing, virtually anything that is unexpected and full of surprise can give you an advantage. Actually, the purpose of guerrilla marketing is to give your product or service an advantage, better yet, an unfair advantage. I […]

Why Networking is a Waste of Time

If you think you’ll build your business this year by doing more networking, think again. Nearly all time networking is time wasted. You might not think the author of three books on networking would say networking is a waste of time, but after twenty years of studying networking, after attending and facilitating over 3000 networking […]


Old Four-Button Remote

Don’t Let This “Creep” Ruin Your Plans

Making lasting change requires learning new skills that will be repeated over and over until they become habits.  Habits are the “remote control” of our lives, governing virtually every action we take. I remember our first television remote control.  It had four buttons: On, Off, Volume, Channel.  Oddly, these are the four I use most […]

Thinking is the Mother of Freedom

Discerning thought is the one thing that separates us more than anything else from all of God’s creatures. Our minds are a vast bastion of freedom that no person can restrict without our permission. And while it is a sad statement that we have become a society in which free thought receives a lot of […]